Postcards and bookmarks

Are only presented the collections of images we have created since 2008, first time we exhibited at Museum Expression. With the exception of the collection created in 1995 for the Claude Monet Foundation, our very first client. Allow me to express my very warm gratitude to Madame Lindsay who was the first one in trusting us.

Considering the results of our clients, it is important to emphasize the fact that both postcard and bookmark must be the first investment to undertake.
No one else product is able to ensure a faster return on investment which will be determined by the number of visitors and the amount you can invest in the image collection.
The marketing 80/20 rule predicts that only a reduced part of your customers generates the biggest part of your profit.
That rule is also to be applied when analyzing the life of a range of products. The profit will directly be in proportion to the number of products you have on sale.
If you have a 10 cards offer, 1 to 3 of them will sell well. With an offer of 100 items, the result will be ten times bigger.
Of course, these results are obtained with the appropriate required quality of products and the interest the public has in the heritage site, the collection or the exhibition.

The postcard was created in France in the middle of the 19th century and since then has become a real succes story.
Nowadays, a collection of nice images can represent up to 30, even 40% of the total turnover of a shop. And about 15 to 20% for a shop where is presented a large offer of medium and high added-value products.
Postcard and bookmark are customers’ basic need. They are the cheapest souvenirs visitors can buy and multiple purchases happen frequently.

The size of the postcard depends on the subject.

We created the size 135x135 mm in 1990 with the goal of revamping the postcard offer that we felt was in the doldrums and needed a fresh approach. The success was dazzling and completely transformed the role of the postcard as a promotionnal tool.
The square postcard represents 35% of our creations for institutional partners.

The 135x190 or poster-postcard allows us to enhance series of artefacts or more general subjects. Created in 2007 for the Shetland Museum and Archives, the poster-postcard started to sell instantaneously and has since then confirmed it must be part of the postcard collections we create.
The poster postcard represents 24% of our creations for institutional partners.

We use the size 120x167 mm when the artefact cannot be reproduced on a square postcard, which we prefer to the classical 10x15 cm.
The 120x167 postcard represents 12% of our creations for institutional partners.

When the subject allows it, the panoramic size is the perfect choice and customers love it.
We work with two sizes : 105x215 and 90x215 mm according to the individual case.
The panoramic postcard represents 11,5% of our creations for institutional partners.

The bookmark has become a “must”, every good shop must have it in stock. To seriously not be forgotten. We propose the 50x180 mm, a size that perfectly fits pocket books.
The bookmark represents 17,5% of our creations for institutional partners.